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COVID Update March 2022

Well we have been here before……!

Community COVID cases at this writing have decreased week over week since our last report. We have been writing about the community effects and whether it is Flu or COVID what is in the community will make its way into a nursing home within the community.

Our facility’s COVID numbers have dramatically decreased since our last update.  Our mitigation of reducing the spread of this virus continues to work as we stay focused on infection control: handwashing, masking, and distancing where we can.

Fortunately overall, the vaccines appear to be working against Omicron and Delta variants, but we must remain vigilant and steadfast on vaccinating and boosting as many residents and staff members as quickly as possible.  Please remember, like the Flu Vaccine – the COVID vaccine does not protect someone 100% from getting the virus, it was designed to reduce extreme (death, hospitalization) effects of the virus.  So for those holding out from vaccination saying – “why should I get it – you got the vaccine and you still got COVID:” Please look at the numbers: 99% of UNVACCINATED people are who are being admitted to the hospital from their significant symptoms and are those who have died from this virus.

We remain optimistic but we cannot let our guard down.  As we started this update – we have been here before.  Stay diligent. Stay focused.  If we can move forward for a couple of months without another major outbreak (like Omicron was) and we can beat this virus.