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I just wanted to say THANK YOU

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help. I brought Mom (Andrea V.) home Friday night and so far we are ok. I haven’t heard from Loyola Home Health care but I will call them on Monday.

I’m looking at the new year as a time to reflect not on the challenges of 2011 but on our blessings. We will be striving to maintain better health, the joys of our family and most of all our confidentence that 2012 will be a “stronger” year. To these I am thankful and acknowledge that everyone at Chateau helped us get to this point. Please let everyone know from the ENTIRE staff to the people who call Chateau home, that we THANK them for their kindness and help. They will forever be in our prayers and we send well wishes for those that do not share in our blessings this season. Happy Holidays