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Thank you and your staff for caring for my mom…

I wanted to thank you and your staff for caring for my mom (Astrid H) since November of 2006. It was very difficult to see her have to go to a nursing home. It took some time to understand that mom was being well cared for there, even when I couldn’t be present. Your predecessor Sherry made the transition as easy as it could be. Your staff has a tough job because the needs of the patients are so great, especially in 2a where mom was the last couple of years.

We appreciated the activities dept. work. I got to know Tom, Kim and Judy well and they tried their hardest to keep mom involved and entertained.

Susan and the other receptionists always made me feel welcome when I came to visit, a really good feeling.
Social services folks have always been accessible, they worked so hard over the years to resolve problems that mom had, big or small. I valued Maureen and Laura’s care for Vicki and me during the last weeks of mom’s life and after her passing. They made the time to talk, which really helped me get through that time.

We acknowledge that so many people were involved with mom’s care… The nurses and aids, Dietary folks, the staff members that took care of the insurance and all the paperwork that was involved with her needs. Without the good people that washed the clothes, kept the building clean and maintained the facility it woulden’t have been as pleasant of a place to live.

I’m grateful for all the prople at the Chateau that cared for mom these last 4 years.